In illustrating political cartoons I learned to love the news, and print media, and to value connecting my work to current and meaningful events like the War in Afghanistan. Now, rather than playing the satirist, my current work makes a record of real events and the stories of those that live them.

    Why should an illustrator make his work this way? My work represents a movement away from the shackles of the drafting table and I admit I am concerned about roles that illustrators have been forced to assume in the graphic environment of the day.  Afterall, if a journalist can get off a plane in some exotic locale and write, why shouldn't the illustrator get off a plane and draw? I support a revival of the illustrator as field reporter on the scene where the illustrator is free to conduct eyewitness documentation.

     While half of me is the sketcher: investigating, reporting, and recording from an eyewitness standpoint the other half might always be a bit of that hunchbacked doodler bound to the drafting table. Until these parts are resolved...I'll just keep drawing.


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